Lafayette Tylenol Autism Lawsuit Lawyers

Lafayette Tylenol Autism Lawsuit

Recent research indicates a clear connection between the use of Tylenol during pregnancy and the development of autism or ADHD in children. Tylenol, known as acetaminophen or paracetamol in other regions, is present in over 600 different medications, not just Tylenol itself. The Tylenol autism lawsuit spans cities in all fifty states, including Lafayette. Read our article to learn about the link between Tylenol and developmental issues in children, as well as the legal options you have if your family has been affected.

What is the Tylenol Autism Lawsuit in Lafayette?

The legal action against Tylenol is not a singular lawsuit but rather a mass tort with the goal of securing compensation from both pharmaceutical companies and the retailers selling products containing acetaminophen. A mass tort differs from a class action lawsuit, as it deals with a wider range of grievances, and each case is treated individually. Class actions usually involve a single representative for a larger group of individuals who have experienced harm or wrongdoing.

The central focus of the Tylenol autism lawsuit in Lafayette, as well as other cities, is the issue of product labeling. Tylenol and other brands have consistently neglected to update their labels to reflect established studies linking acetaminophen to neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

What Do the Studies Reveal About Autism and Tylenol?

Several comprehensive studies have indicated that regular use of acetaminophen during pregnancy may lead to the development of autism spectrum disorder and ADHD in children. Moreover, children who are exposed to acetaminophen after birth have a higher susceptibility to a "Tylenol-induced brain injury" that can manifest as autism-like symptoms and/or ADHD, especially if the exposure occurs before the 18th week of life.

The frequency of acetaminophen usage plays a critical role in the Tylenol autism mass tort. Mothers who consumed this medication for 22-28 days during pregnancy have a 30 percent higher likelihood of having a child diagnosed with ADHD and a 20 percent higher likelihood of having a child with autism. When the duration of use extends to 20 weeks, the risk escalates to 50 percent for ADHD.

How Many Pregnant Women in Lafayette Used Tylenol?

Recent studies suggest that as many as 69 percent of pregnant women use Tylenol in the first and second trimesters. In another study, up to 20 percent of women reported taking Tylenol during all three trimesters.

In 2017, there were 155 births recorded in Southeast Lafayette. 69 percent (106) of these babies may have been exposed to Tylenol at some point during the first and second trimesters, and 20 percent (31) during all three. And this is only one area of Lafayette, so the numbers are inevitably higher.

Who Represents the Tylenol Lawsuit in Lafayette?

If you or someone you know used Tylenol while pregnant, and your child was subsequently diagnosed with ADHD and/or Autism, we encourage you to reach out to the legal team at Boesen Law. We are collaborating with mothers throughout Colorado, including the city of Lafayette, to pursue compensation for Tylenol and other companies' persistent failure to update their product labels. Expecting mothers have the right to be informed about potential risks associated with medications, and we are committed to holding irresponsible pharmaceutical companies accountable for their negligence.

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